Renewed LP CD (long-play) with 15 original songs by Paula C Snyder from Sweet to Sultry. Easy listening, components of blues, jazz, pop, folk.  (Also available as a full CD download and by individual song downloads.)

1) I Think I'll Be Alright (smooth jazzy ballad)
2) Leave Love Behind (Santana-like Latin-rock)
3) From Then to Now (sweet sentimental easy listening)
4) Why Do You Keep Me Hangin' On? (swingy blues)
5) Michael, Can You Hear Me? (folk-rock)
6) Child of Lil's (soothing folk lullaby)
7) Indecisions (jazzy questioning)
8) Burn Down (folk-rock)
9) Old 30s Blues (sultry blues)
10) Letters (thoughtful reflection ballad)
11) Without You (rock ballad)
12) Independence Day Blues (easy listening folk-rock)
13) Broken (bluesy folk-rock)
14) Next Year (I Will Promise You) (contemporary love ballad, New Year's Eve, Wedding song)
15) Never Too Late (bluesy-rock)

Buy the CD with lyric insert for $15.50 or download all tracks for $12.89.  Download individual tracks for $0.99 each!

Track Listen Sheet Music
 I Think I'll Be Alright    N/A
Leave Love Behind    N/A
 From Then To Now    N/A
Why Do You Keep Me Hangin' On?    N/A
Michael, Can You Hear Me?    N/A
Child Of Lil's    N/A
Indecisions    N/A
Burn Down    N/A
Old 30s Blues    N/A
Letters    N/A
Without You    N/A
Independence Day Blues    N/A
Broken    N/A
Next Year    N/A
Never Too Late    N/A


After a stressful day I want music to help me relax, but with enough energy and heart to keep me interested. Renewed by Paula C. Snyder has the balance I was looking for."
~ D Kramer, Raleigh, NC

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